About Us

Why Choose BARE?

BARE is all about finding your real BARE beauty. We believe in true beauty lies in celebrating what makes you, you. We are highly determined to deliver high-quality, hassle-free makeup that enhances your natural features, not covers them up. All our products are designed for your beautiful brown skin. Join our journey to self-discovery, we want to make you fall in love with yourself with a lot of self-love and a little bit of makeup. It is time to own your beauty and build confidence around it to achieve the best version of yourself.

A word from our founder

Swati Bhardwaj has built Bare cosmetics on the belief that makeup is a powerful tool to redefine beauty, build confidence, practice self love and self care. She embraces diversity in all its forms and aims to create a safe space for our beauty lovers. Let the world see your BARE beauty, because it is bold, elegant, confident and full of love.

  • High Quality Ingredients

    We believe makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not compromise it. That is why we use only the finest, high-quality ingredients only to ensure that we can deliver safe products to our customers. Experience the difference and elevate your expectations.


  • Innovative Formulas

    We aim to create innovative and forward-thinking formulations that results in hassle-free makeup application, vibrant colour payoff, long lasting and gentle on the skin. Experience the difference – makeup
    that is as good for you as it is for your look.


  • Commitment to Inclusivity

    As we celebrate our diverse culture, we believe in makeup that empowers individuality. That is why we are committed to design our products to cater the needs of your beautiful brown skin. Brown Girl friendly makeup is our biggest moto.

An Indian Original

We are based in New Delhi, India and committed to create the best
products for the makeup enthusiasts of our country. We offer a unique perspective on beauty to cater the needs of an Indian consumer and meeting global standards.